Simbex 2022 Wrapped!

The end of every year provides a time of both reflection and anticipation.

Throughout the past five years, the team and infrastructure at Simbex have significantly evolved. We have:

Doubled our staff, adding many incredibly talented and motivated engineers.
Implemented an Agile approach to product development.
Refined our systems of resource allocation, quality oversight, and project management.
I’ve witnessed our team exhibit immense pride in their work during Sprint Demos, as well as receive encouragement from the collaborations within and across projects that have resulted.

We have also had the privilege to partner with many companies to solve challenging problems.

  • We have worked on wearables for fall detection, voice health monitoring, rehabilitation adherence and optimization, prosthetic and orthotic compliance, and head impact detection.
  • We have helped numerous companies upgrade products as supply chains simultaneously disrupt manufacturing or accelerate component obsolescence.
  • We have supported partners who are addressing pressure ulcers, managing stress in the workplace, strategizing reimbursement approaches, understanding their regulatory pathway, and implementing quality management systems.
  • Our team has worked tirelessly to help many early-stage companies convince investors their product solves a significant problem worthy of investment.
    As I consider 2023, I look forward to helping our partners bring new products to fruition and evolve existing products as the market demands. In parallel, I am thinking about improving the workflow for our Simbex team by refining my own communication methods, listening empathetically, embracing change, and supporting an environment of continuous learning and humble appreciation for the challenges our clients face every day.

If we haven’t spoken lately, I would love to hear about your product development journey. As always, I am happy to share the lessons I’ve learned in developing products, fostering happy and productive teams, and creating a positive workplace culture.


Greg Lange, MS

Chief Operating Officer

Upcoming Conferences:

Explore New Wearable Technologies with Simbex at CES

Wearables and Smart Devices have become more relevant and multi-functional than ever. We’ve been designing, engineering, and commercializing innovative wearable products for consumer health and medical device applications for over 20 years. It is what Simbex was founded to do.

In January, you can find us in-person at CES, where we’ll be evaluating exciting new wearables that track a more diversified and accurate set of biometrics, alongside other lifestyle, fitness, diagnostic early-detection, continuous monitoring, and recovery-aid systems.

MedTech Socials at Simbex:

Thank you to everyone who attended last month’s MedTech Collaborative event! It’s always a pleasure reconnecting with friends, seeing new faces, and networking with fellow MedTech entrepreneurs and experts.

Simbex is proud to support the MedTech Collaborative, a group that we helped found 3 years ago to grow and connect the #MedTech ecosystem in New England. We hope that you will join us at the next event.

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