Our Story

We know your pain points, literally.

Simbex was formed in early 2000 by CEO/President Rick Greenwald, PhD, and legendary serial entrepreneur Robert C. Dean, ScD.

Ten years before Simbex was founded, while pursuing a doctorate in bioengineering at the University of Utah, our founder spent a morning in Park City watching the U.S. Freestyle aerial skiers practice. He counted more than a half-dozen jumps where the skiers hit their heads on the ground with a thud. He wondered: How was this affecting the skiers? How could the impact be measured and data collected from the hit? Could that data be used to help doctors and therapists address head injuries?  The technology that evolved to address these questions – the Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) System – formed the basis for a startup company and has been used in countless ways subsequently to improve the safety of many sports that we all love.

What started as a platform to commercialize our own products, Simbex has evolved into a commercialization engine where we create our own products, assist others in the development of their products and guide other innovators through the product commercialization process. With one common theme – helping people get healthy and stay healthy.

Today, Simbex brings together a diverse team with cutting edge knowledge of product development, science, data and analytics for tackling complex ideas and creating commercially successful products.

Our Team

Amaris Ajamil
Loves traveling. Running with my dog. Learning new things. Chocolate Aficionado. Eternal optimist. Forever a WhoDat.
Product verification & validation(100%)
Regulatory (FDA, FCC, IEC, UL)(100%)
Basic research(100%)
Translational research(100%)
Jeff Chu
Enjoys playing outdoors with others. Has a pet turtle named Shelly. Sriracha connoisseur. Humbled by the people that work here.
Applied Research(100%)
Geoff Clark
Enjoys Tinkering with Vintage SAABs and Spinning his Wife Around the Dance Floor. Automotive Aviator. Dancer. In the Woods.
Product verification & validation(100%)
Design (consumer and medical)(100%)
3D modeling and simulation(100%)
Injection molding(100%)
Dave Eypper
In the Pines, On Skis or a Bike, With the Dogs. Fond of Electromagnetism.
Ultra low power/embedded design(100%)
Power systems design(100%)
IEC 60601-1 Compliance Medical Systems(100%)
High speed analog, digital, DAQ(100%)
Product verification & validation(100%)
Richard Greenwald
Enjoys most everything that includes fresh air - sports, convertibles, time outdoors - with family and friends. Inspired by our Simbex team.
Business development(100%)
Applied research(100%)
Greg Lange
Nordic Skier, Cyclist, Runner, Outdoor Enthusiast, Inspired by his Children, Aspiring Food Entrepreneur, Dark Chocolate-aholic.
Executive Management(100%)
Sales and Marketing(100%)
Quality system implementation(100%)
Regulatory (FDA, FCC, IEC, UL)(100%)
Dan Leonard
Loves to mow, plow and cut. Tries to keep his wife from expanding the mini farm.
Experimental test design(100%)
Head impact research(100%)
Product verification and validation(100%)
Quality system implementation(100%)
Jeff Meyer-Lorentson
Loves music, riding bikes, making things, and playing in the woods. Mountain Biker. DIY’er. One-man rhythm section.
3D modeling(100%)
Prototyping (rapid and otherwise)(100%)
Manufacturing process development, implementation, and documentation(100%)
Machine and fixture design(100%)
SQL Anywhere database maintenance(100%)
Karen Page
Likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. XC skier. Weekend warrior. Ice cream connoisseur. Wannabe dancer.
Program Administration(100%)
Intellectual Property support(100%)
Scientific writing(100%)
Marketing and outreach(100%)
Corey Paye
Likes Chickens, Spicy Food, Tent Living. Gardener. Reader. Hiker.
Embedded firmware(100%)
Desktop App(100%)
Mobile App(100%)
Database development(100%)
Simbex customer service support(100%)
Kevin Brooks
Enjoys woodworking, yoga, the outdoors, various challenges and traveling.
Database development and management(100%)
Information Security(100%)
Software/Technology Integration(100%)
Kevin Kinerson
Enjoys Flinging Arrows, Mountain Biking, and Fabricating all Sorts of Things. Family. Creative. Curious.
Experimental Test Design(100)
Quality System implementation(100)
Process validation and verification(100)
Manufacturing process development, documentation, and implementation(100)
Contract manufacturer identification/selection and interface(100)
Evart Fairman
Loves satire, history, and getting lost in thought. Pretend farmer, real engineer, willing to try anything once.
Sensor interfaces (high speed, low power) and signal conditioning(100)
Ultra low power/embedded design(100)
High speed analog, digital, DAQ(100)
Power Systems Design(100)
Mohammed Ehtesham Kazi
Loves Soccer (Manchester United), Riding Bikes. Like to capture nature through photography. Believes in smiling and make others smile.
Quality system implementation(100)
Documentation control(100)
Continuous improvement(100)
Regulatory (FDA, FCC, IEC, UL)(100)
Risk management(100)
Jesse Kuhn
Design engineer by day with passion for manufacturing. Maker of wood and metal stuff by night after dad stuff. Saisons.
3D modeling and simulation(100)
Enclosure design and packaging(100)
Materials and component selection(100)
Design for various metal and plastic manufacturing processes(100)
Angela Smalley
Has been known to lose an entire weekend to a good book. Critical thinking. Craft projects of all kinds. Stand-up paddle boarding.
Data Analytics(100)
Head Impact, Gait, Balance, Human Performance, Rehabilitation(100)
Healthcare and Medical Device Reimbursement(100)
Education and Assistance Programs(100)
Jay Avis
Enjoys long races, escape rooms, and playing music. Loves hooded sweatshirts. A fan of break-dancing and wiener dogs.
Design (consumer and medical)(100)
3D modeling and simulation(100)
Rapid prototyping(100)
Materials and component selection(100)
George Pfeiffer
Enjoys family, Canoeing (formerly competitively), Golfing (badly), Friends
Algorithm Development()
Embedded firmware (ARM, MSP430, 8051, DSP, Microchip, RTOS)(100)
Desktop App (C/C++, Java, python, QT, PC/Mac)(100)
Ali Ersen
Born next to a Romans’ castle, jumped off a hovering UH-60, likes blues and sapiens. Artisan Baker. Saltwater Angler. Lifetime Learner.
Novel Algorithm Design, Implementation, and Testing()
Data Analysis and AI/ML Techniques()
Algorithm Development for Highly Constrained Endpoints, Edge Devices, and Cloud()
Defining/Managing Unit, Regression, and Integration Tests()
Work with Customers and Project Team to Understand the User Journey()
Josh Lamoureux
Loves campfires, swimming holes, and disc golf. Father. Husband. Amateur woodworker.
Human Resources()
Organizational Development()
Mike Murphy
I'm an avid Outdoorsman, and when I'm not working I enjoy fishing, hiking, mountain biking, paddling, camping, and Jeeping.
Project Management()
Scrum Master()
AGILE Software Development ()
Data Science & Analytics()
Enthusiastic Learner()
Rafael Gutierrez
Craft beer, BBQ, and Pizza Lover. Enjoys reading a good datasheet. Gamer. Homebrewer. Foodie. all-around handyman.
Product Development Leader()
Creative Solutions Developer()
Customer Management()
Embedded Systems Developer()
Matt Llarena
Explorer. Trailblazer. Animal lover. Math nerd. Puzzle defeater Loves Fishing, Going to the Beach, or Exploring New Areas  
Firmware Development()
Specification Design & Analysis()
Test Program Development & Execution()
Test Data Analyzation()
Product Conceptualization and Design()
Kim McKinney
Loves Vacations, Mike’s Pastry, Hockey, Ocean Waves, Rescue Dogs, Fans, Fishing with my sons and Learning how to play Golf.
Business Administration()
Inventory Tracking()
Office Management()
External Inquiries Contact()
Gunnar Pope
I love raising a family in the mountains of NH. I enjoy skiing, biking, and playing with gravity. There is always time to enjoy good sunset.
Instrumentation Design()
Digital Signal Processing()
Low-Power Wearable Devices()
Product Development()
Sean Philippi
Loves film, live music, art, psychology, and philosophy. Spends a lot of time thinking about health span, leveling up, definitions and framing, and the power of belief.
Web + Software Development()
User Experience()
API Development()
Andrew Provo
Loves: Family, Dogs, Skiing, Homesteading, the Mountains
Technical Program Management()
Mechanical Design()
Testing and Validation()
John Wilson
Enjoys Travel, Colonial Williamsburg, Scottish Heritage, Walking, and Exploring. Married my high school sweetheart.
Software and System Development and Testing()
Open-Source Data Collection and Distribution Software Development()
Data Acquisition and Hardware/Software Interface()
Al Berry
Loves: Family, our pack of dogs, bird watching, the beach, High Power Rocketry, autonomous UAVs, helicopters/tiltrotors, movies on the big screen.
C/C++ firmware development()
Embedded hardware design()
PCB design/layout()
Sahil Gavankar
Loves sports, whodunnits and desserts. Learner. Aspiring writer. Failed comic.
Project Management()
Data Analytics()
User Experience()
Amayr Babar
I enjoy playing tennis and learning about blockchain/cryptocurrencies. Mobile Application Software Development
Brygitte De La Cruz
Loves powerlifting, being outdoors; hikes and long bike rides.
Francisco Zamudio Saenz
I enjoy adventures, love music, investments, and business. The challenge is my passion. Analog designer, Product developer, High speed, High power, PCB designer.    
Analog Design()
Audio Amplifiers()
Industrial Interfaces()
Layout Design()
Kim Luke
I love spending time outdoors with my family skiing, hiking, cycling, kayaking and fishing.  
Digital Signal Processing()
Algorithm Development()
Software Development()
Product Development()
Andrew Fargher
Loves family, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing , outdoors; backcountry touring
Project Management()
Cross-Functional Relationships()
Strategic Planning()
Aroob Adbelhamid
Loves to read (The Book Thief and The Picture of Dorian Gray are my favorites!), sew, hike, listen to podcasts, and family time!
Data Analysis()
Machine Learning()
Data Engineering()
Julio Lopez Linehan
Lover of social outdoor activities and solitary indoor ones. Hater of spiders and sitting still.
Systems Testing()
Biomedical Background()
Richard Adams
I enjoy playing classical and fiddle music with my children. We swim and bike in the summer, and ski and snowboard in the winter.
Cloud Computing()
Agile Software Development()
Team Building()
Elijah Hickey
Enjoys hiking, campfires and movies with friends. Likes to explore new technologies.
Software Engineering()
Database Development()
Randy Baron
At home in the Green Mountains with dogs. Love all sports involving sliding, gliding and anything with wheels. Outdoors, travel, exotic cuisine, and coffee connoisseur
Consultative Sales()
Customer Relations()
Research and Analytical Skills()
Product Development()
Leah Greene
Loves family time, sunsets, the ocean, music, campfires, traveling, and photography!
Financial Stewardship()
Reporting and Analytics()
Project Management()
Culture/Team Building()
Himanshu Kotbagi
Sports aficionado - Bonkers about badminton, but can bend it like Beckham and a class act at cricket! Love traveling and cooking things up.
Machine Learning()
Signal Processing()
Control Systems()
Katie Broughall
Loves to travel and explore new places. Amateur cake decorator. Avid learner. The beach is my happy place.
Office Manager()
Project Management()
Organizational Excellence()
Inventory Control()
Alan Morris
Loves rock climbing, exploring, and dogs. Tinkerer at heart. Recently discovered snow.
System Administration()
Python Development()
Corey Brabant
Enjoys camping with his family in the summer and hibernating in the winter. Hobbies include gardening, fixing cars, building just about anything, cooking and learning the latest technologies.
Full Stack Development()
Product Development(100)
Amit Guruprasad
I enjoy playing basketball, tennis and hiking with friends in my free time.
Quality Assurance()
Regulatory Affairs()
Design & Development()
Chido Munopa Mpofu
Enjoys staying active, reading, and swimming. Also interested in traveling and walking.

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