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Providing Services From Ideation to Product Development, Commercialization Strategy, Manufacturing, and Distribution

In addition to strong product development and commercialization expertise, partnering with Simbex means access to an FDA-approved high-tech robotics facility for production of your product, and when the time is right, a direct global distribution and sales channel.

As a member of the Salona Global Medical Device (SGMD) family, Simbex combines industry leading product design, engineering, commercialization, regulatory, and reimbursement expertise with an established production-pathway and clear market access, to provide a holistic ideation-to-market solution.

As a Member of the SGMD Family, Simbex Can Provide All of this for You:

Ideation & Prototyping ✓

Commercialization Strategy ✓

Design & Development ✓

Regulatory & Reimbursement ✓

Quality  ✓

Manufacturing ✓

Packaging ✓

Distribution ✓

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