Medical Device Due-Diligence for Technology Transfer Offices 

For a Tech Transfer Office (TTO), accurately determining which projects are worth dedicating limited university time and resources to develop can require establishing an expert-level understanding in the given field of disclosure.

Our team of medical device experts understands how to evaluate and selectively nurture early-stage technologies through all stages of development and maturity — we evaluate and solve multifaceted market and industry-specific problems every day. Often, these challenges involve intellectual property assessments, regulatory reviews, and technology risk-analysis.

These solutions are as applicable to a TTO as any of our corporate or startup clients. 


Initial Investment Evaluation

Our Commercialization Services offer TTOs and Offices of Innovation reliable and reputable due diligence assessments and red flag analysis to fill the post-IP gap. Our strategic commercialization support to spin-offs supported by the TTO, increases likelihood of obtaining funding inflection points, capital acquisition, and return on investment for the TTO.

For a TTO with a large portfolio of disclosures, pending applications, or unlicenced patents, our expertise can help establish an overall, initial triage for effective management of any backlog which may exist.

As IP experts, TTOs benefit by integrating our additional market-specific expertise. By partnering with and consulting for a TTO, we offer a cohesive method for determining priority and whether or not there is a viable market for the respective subjects of each invention disclosure, and which disclosures are worth provisional patent fees, while reducing administrative burden and overall investment risk. By clarifying a project’s opportunity prior to significant funding, our consulting services can ultimately enable an increase in licensing interest from industry or entrepreneurs.

We have been helping researchers, academics and clinicians to commercialization their ideas for over 10 years under NIH and FDA grants. We offer business assessments that look holistically to identify risks and improve odds of overcoming the IP gap and achieve the next inflection point.

Spinoffs who work with us learn how to reduce risk that they didn’t know they had which increases licensee interest, capital acquisition and return on investment for the TTO. Teams have cited our multi-discipline strategic commercialization support as having aligned their limited resources into a development pathway that resonated with investors and customers.

Let’s Discuss How to Reduce Your Risk

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