What is Special About Simbex?

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A client recently told me, “Your team approaches product development problems differently than others – and it worked. You uncovered several critical risks we hadn’t anticipated.” 

Good to hear, for sure, and to consider. Are we truly unique and special? It’s important to look closely and ask what differentiates ourselves from other product design and development firms. 

First, what is special about our people? Interestingly, one identifiable quality of our team is the way they interact positively with the outdoors in New England – venturing into and challenging the elements that present themselves during the year, and with creative, thoughtful, practical solutions. This clearly carries over into our work product – anticipating hazards, building sturdy solutions, realizing that even the most challenging problems can have relatively modest solutions to meet the impending need. 

Second, what is special about Simbex’s approach? We have always focused on end-to-end product development, which typically involves thoughtful discussions not always aimed directly at what our clients have narrowly asked us to solve, but rather to use our knowledge of the particular product space or regulatory landscape to create a novel design, feature or algorithm that enhances the core technology and brings great value to the various stakeholders.

Finally, we believe in the value of data, and in understanding real-world outcomes that are meaningful and impactful to the individuals using these products and to our clients who are producing them. We develop technology with an appreciation of measuring how a device functions in the field, how good is good enough, and using analytics to inform new designs and generational product improvements. 

Simbex leverages our unique people, process, and data to differentiate ourselves from other medical device and consumer health product development firms, and to bring the greatest value to our clients across multiple domains. To me, that’s special indeed!

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