IDEA Lab, a Dartmouth Health-based group of innovators focused on developing solutions for problems in anesthesia and healthcare, developed the Airway Noodle, a product that has the potential to revolutionize the process of intubation.

Simbex assisted the IDEA Lab in bringing their product to life by applying our experience in medical device engineering and modeling to visualize the technology for use in investor communications. By creating a visual representation of the Airway Noodle, Simbex has helped the IDEA Lab communicate the benefits of their product to potential investors.


Intubation procedures using current endotracheal tubes are uncomfortable and hazardous for patients.

The rigid PVC plastic tubes have a large outer diameter of 10 millimeters, which requires general anesthesia for the intubation process, causing additional complications and hemodynamic stress.

The IDEA Lab challenge was to create a product to make awake intubation more comfortable and easy, in order to decrease the risk of bleeding and complications especially with nasal intubations. The IDEA Lab approached Simbex to take the large-scale 3D printed prototype and create a proof of concept to facilitate fundraising and further product testing.


The Airway Noodle solves the challenges associated with intubation procedures by adjusting in size.

This unique solution can be delivered at a reduced size of 5mm and expanded to a working size once in place, allowing for minimal sedation and topical anesthesia, reducing patient discomfort.

IDEA Lab first defined the form and function of the product, then ideated the solution design, and performed in-depth engineering analysis to construct two working prototypes for validating critical behaviors.


Thanks to Simbex’s commercialization-minded approach to engineering and prototyping, the IDEA Lab now has an accurate and effective set of visuals to communicate the benefits of the Airway Noodle to investors.

The next step for the Simbex Commercialization Team is to work with the IDEA Lab to refine the pitch deck and communication strategy based on the clinical need for the Airway noodle.

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