First national registry of people who have lost limbs promises to collect data to improve prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation

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The Mayo Clinic is partnering with the American Joint Replacement Registry and the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation to establish a Limb Loss and Preservation Registry. The Limb Loss and Preservation Registry will be the first national registry of people who have lost limbs and promises to collect data that will improve prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation efforts for this population. The registry is being funded by the NIH and DoD with a Government Oversight Committee consisting of representatives from the NIH, DoD, VA, CMS, and FDA. To support the registry, an External Collaborative Panel (ECP) was also formed to provide guidance to the Mayo team. Greg Lange, Chief Business Development Officer at Simbex was named to the External Collaborative Panel due to Simbex’ long history of innovation in orthotics and prosthetics and Greg’s previous work as CEO of M2S, a clinical registries provider for medical societies.

The first meeting of the ECP was held at NIH in Washington, DC on February 27 and 28.

For more information about the registry, go to www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-dod-develop-limb-loss-preservation-registry

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