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Every month for the past five years, Simbex has published our Regulatory and Reimbursement update, a briefing on the latest Regulatory, Payment, and Quality Assurance news. It is our way of sharing those changes that impact us and our clients, and we hope that you have found it helpful in navigating your own product development journey. Of course, this is all input to developing your own culture of quality and compliance.

At Simbex, our culture of quality ensures that our people, practices, and systems work together to encourage creative and continuous improvement while maintaining a strong foundation for compliance.

A matured Quality System can make all the difference in consistently yielding safe, effective, and innovative products. It is why we focus so closely on providing Quality Assurance Services to establish, manage, maintain, or mature our clients’ quality management systems, so they can focus on what they do best: develop breakthrough technologies to improve lives everywhere.

If we haven’t spoken lately, I would love to hear about your approach to developing and maintaining a Culture of Quality, and hope you will reach out. As always, I am happy to share the lessons we’ve learned in developing products, fostering happy and productive teams, maximizing profitability, and creating a positive workplace culture.

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Greg Lange, MS

Simbex President & CEO

Simbex Neurolutions

Supporting our Clients:

We had a great time at APTA CSM last week, where we caught up with the team from Neurolutions and their breakthrough Brain Computer Interface (BCI) rehabilitation device for motor recovery following chronic stroke. It is always an honor to work with innovators advancing rehabilitation technology, and we’re proud be a part of their journey!

Further Reading on Quality Management:

The number of Simbex resources available on Quality continues to grow, and now include a more in-depth overview of our services. In addition to our articles on cultivating cultures of quality, you can find our Regulatory and Reimbursement Update posted on LinkedIn the first week of every month, with a complete archive on our blog. 

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