Hollywog, LLC, a Chattanooga, Tennessee company designs, develops, and produces unique medical devices that are clinically effective and provide an unmatched usability experience. They have a proven track record of transforming imaginative thought into award-winning medical device solutions.  Hollywog’s technology is recognized by medical professionals, and the largest of global leaders in the consumer health field.  Made up of a team of seasoned healthcare executives very familiar with the medical device product design, and development process, Hollywog chooses its partners very carefully.

  • “Simbex is an extremely unique, and valuable resource for us here at Hollywog. Simbex provides expertise in every aspect of the design and development process that is just not found in other outside entities. Simbex is distinct and knowledgeable in the wide range of services they offer, and, in how they do business!”

    Dwayne Hofstatter
    Dwayne Hofstatter Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Hollywog


Recently, Simbex and Hollywog partnered in the development of an over-the counter device for pain relief.  As usual, Hollywog’s team specified some very unique features, and characteristics that would challenge the most talented team of engineers.

As with every project Hollywog launches into, they set a very high expectation on this new over the counter product going into the consumer health space.  To be successful, the product must be: designed with a focus on the target users, offer innovative features, it must be extremely user friendly, very aesthetically appealing to consumers, and manufactured at a COGS that allows for competitive pricing in the over-the-counter market.


Simbex met the challenge on this new product from Hollywog head-on, which resulted in an exciting new “drug-free” product that will offer relief to millions of those suffering from pain on a daily basis.

  • "Taking a holistic approach to product development is a key feature of what we do.
    This completely sets us apart from other product development companies."

    Chris Coulter
    Chris Coulter Senior Systems Engineer and Project Manager, Simbex.
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