MedRhythms is a digital therapeutics company that uses software, sensors, and music to improve and measure walking following neurological injuries or diseases. Their platform is inspired by the neuroscience of rhythmic entrainment to deliver therapy to help a patient, and uses dynamic alignment of the music and movement in a therapy method known as entrainment.


MedRhythms’ platform is made possible through clinical thinking algorithms that modulate music to entrain gait and drive a person towards a clinical goal. To do this, MedRhythms uses Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to detect the patient’s gait. However, the ability to track real-time gait phases using IMUs is a challenge because of the often-severe gait abnormalities exhibited by stroke survivors. MedRhythms approached Simbex to help identify a cost-efficient way to utilize IMU sensors to match their gait entrainment algorithm with post stroke patients.


Since MedRhythms is an early stage company, Simbex determined that it didn’t make sense to develop a sensor from the ground up. Off-the-shelf sensors could be used initially for clinical trials, allowing MedRhythms to prove the efficacy of their therapy before investing time and money into the development of their own IMUs.

Simbex leveraged their expertise with the many available IMU sensors to perform a technology evaluation program which included biomechanics evaluations (3D motion gait analysis), embedded hardware/firmware review, and overall algorithm performance review to determine the ideal sensor solution for MedRhythms.


Thanks to the comprehensive research process and proposals from Simbex, MedRhythms was able to find an IMU that was suitable to their therapy program and gained greater insights into how the sensors could be used from a clinical perspective. Simbex’ work helped MedRhythms’ future product development, let MedRhythms understand their specific market needs, and ultimately helped bring a product to clinical trials faster with lower risk.


MedRhythms needed robust foot sensors that would wirelessly track a patient’s gait with clinical-grade bio-mechanical accuracy in real-time. The challenge was huge! Simbex has the deep experience and industry knowledge in medical devices and movement analysis that helped us find the best solution. Acting as an extension of our engineering team, their contribution was invaluable.” – Eric Richardson, VP Product Development

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