Riddell is the market leader in design and development of protective sports equipment and has been a pioneer of innovating for the good of the player for over 80 years. Over the last decade, the Simbex Head Impact Telemetry System (HITS) has become an essential feature of Riddell’s Sideline Response System (SRS) and the InSite Impact Response System, monitoring head impacts in American football from youth and college teams to professional leagues.


Differentiating Riddell helmets in the market through advanced sensing and communications while improving the protection of American football players.


Simbex applied research, product design, and software development capabilities play prominently into the feedback loop for Riddell’s advanced helmet designs. Riddell has utilized millions of player data points, collected through SRS, to inform the development of the advanced SpeedFlex helmet. In addition, Riddell can now utilize the HITS data to give coaches access to actionable data dashboards to enable player monitoring, improve playing techniques, and inform coaching, which will help keep athletes better protected and on the field when it matters most.


In partnering with Simbex, Riddell has made a long-term commitment to the HITS technology and the safety of the sport using novel wearable technologies, integrated communications, and advanced data analytics. The company has maintained their lead in the market by delivering a product so clearly distinguished from others available today.

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